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Camp Yearbook
July 6-8, 2020

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Camp Yearbook
July 6-8, 2020

Virtual From Your House!!

There is a lot MORE happening this summer at Camp Yearbook. MORE Ideas, MORE Stories and MORE FUN  (can you say VIRTUAL 40 foot water-slide?) We’ll be sharing ways to re-energize your staff, how to cover more kids in your book than ever before, and get the word out about how amazing your program is. All while working at a level like never before. Camp Yearbook is the perfect place for your and your staff to take a good, close look at what you want your yearbook to be this year.

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Being an adviser is hard work. This summer you can do it all from the comfort of your favorite chair or couch. Let us help your staff plan, design, and get trained up for  next year.






MORE Wonderful than You Can Imagine


Ava Butzu

Ava  Butzu  teaches  Yearbook  and  English  at  Grand  Blanc High  School  in Michigan.  Her yearbook staff produces a 372-page book that has been regarded as innovative in coverage and design from several press associations and has earned awards at multiple levels, including Crowns from CSPA and NSPA Finalist and top honors at the state level. Ms. Butzu's interest in approaching yearbook as a complete journalism and entrepreneurship team-building experience has encouraged her students pursue design, writing, journalism, photography, and marketing careers. She believes that there is no greater honor than to work with students who capture the moments and people at their school in meaningful and creative ways each year


Mike McLean

Mike McLean is Texas-based freelance photojournalist and teaches photojournalism workshops throughout the nation. In 2003 he was inducted into the Journalism Hall of Fame. As a staff photographer for the Dallas Times Herald he served on a reporting team nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the crash of Delta flight 191 at the DFW airport. He is a co-author of Get The Picture, a photojournalism curriculum published by Jostens. Over the last 20 years Mike’s work has appeared in Newsweek, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Outside and Climbing magazines. McLean sees his role as a visual storyteller, “Your story my eyes,” McLean said.


Yearbook Tracks

When you register, each camper chooses one of the different tracks below where they get in depth instruction in the specific area. Here are the awesome choices available for each camper:


EVERYONE will get to learn all about using our NEWEST tool, Layout Pro to build your book. It will be an in depth training on the ins and outs of the software. You’ll leave as an expert in the program so you can go back and help teach others on your staff. Master all the tips and tricks and tools of the software.

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There is more to yearbook than just photographs and layouts! Nothing helps a yearbook staff be more successful than great leadership. Once you have completed leadership you will know how to edit proofs accurately and easily, prevent and deal with conflict, build staff morale and teamwork, form systems of communication and expectations, learn how to delegate effectively, and establish a solid working relationship with your adviser. You will be able to create the best environment to make the production of the yearbook as smooth and successful as possible.

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Learn what makes a great photograph and how to get them. Students learn how to take great group shots and how to plan for better pictures. It's time to get the most out of the cameras you have. This is a must-take class for photo editors and staff photographers. 


Layout and Design

Using examples from today’s hottest magazines and yearbooks, students will learn what’s in and how to get more trendy designs into their books. This is a very hands-on, cutting-edge, “think outside the box” approach to getting more into and out of every double page spread. This is a great class to take if you are tired of pre designed layouts and you want to take your designs from OK to WOW!!!

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Copy Writing

Students will learn the latest trends in copy writing and the techniques required to make the stories in their yearbook matter to today’s teens. We’ll also practice interviewing techniques and learn to develop a plan for each section of the yearbook.

Hands on Keyboard


This is the class for schools who want to do more than just take pictures. We’ll teach you how to cob, brighten photos, apply cool filters and a lot more. We will show you how to integrate Photoshop and other cool tricks into your book whether you are using InDesign or YTO (Maximum of 2 students per school and each school must bring 1 laptop and mouse)


New Adviser 101

We won't let you be this adviser! Tons of instruction for first-time advisers. New advisers get lots of training and tools to make them more prepared during that tough first year. It includes an introduction to desktop publishing, classroom management techniques, deadline planning, and things to expect as a first year adviser! Many 2nd year advisers take this track.

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Adviser Training 301

Tons of instruction and collaboration for returning advisers. Now that you have survived the first year (or maybe the 10th year), this class will give you great ideas on classroom management, grading, making your deadlines, keeping your staff working all year and fun, cool ideas to help make your book even better. Get inspired (or re-inspired) with loads of tips and best practices for your classroom.

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When you are at camp, you also get to choose what else you would like to learn more about. These electives occur twice during camp. We suggest you you try to attend a different one each time.

We will be adding even more before camp.
(You do not need to sign up for these in advance)


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LayoutPro Overview

This class is a quick introduction into creating a book online. This next year, the LAYOUT PRO interface is going to be getting some awesome upgrades and we want you to be able to make the most of them. We’ll teach you how to make the most of this program. From designing pages, to uploading pictures. Your staff will be able to work live on the web and actually practice creating pages.


Camp Yearbook also offers some more intense/rigorous learning opportunities for some staffs. If you have staff members who are seasoned and have the basics down, consider these alternatives to take your book to the next level.



Take it to the Next Level

You asked and we listened. If you are looking for a rigorous designing and planning experience to take your book to the next level, this is for your staff. You will be working almost non stop on your theme and concept and developing it throughout your book. Working closely with some of our BEST designers, you’ll leave with your Theme/Concept clearly laid out along with completed Dividers, Section layouts, folios and Opening and Closing sections. School will still have the opportunity to attend all the general sessions.

Due to the intense nature of this course, there will only be 8 students per school allowed to attend. As soon as this class is full, it will be closed.

Requirements for YearbookExtreme (students must have the following with them at camp) • At least one laptop per school • Top 3 theme/concept ideas from your staff • COMPLETED page ladder (it might change, but you need it to start) • Cover ideas • Collected ideas from magazines and web that you are using as inspiration

There is an additional charge of $250 per school to take this class.



Unleash Your Camera

This is a course that is an incredible chance to work closely with a professional photographer with your digital SLR camera. You will learn how to use the settings to take pictures like a professional, learn how to shoot sports, indoors and out, and learn to frame shots with a professional eye. You will learn how to make all of those settings on your camera do just what you need to do. Students taking this course will be given a special schedule to follow during camp.

Due to the hands-on nature of this course, there will only be 2 students per school allowed to attend. As soon as this class is full, it will be closed. Requirements for PhotoExtreme (students must have the following with them at camp) • A digital SLR camera with a removable lens • An external flash that fits in your camera’s flash    shoe and extra batteries for it • Your camera’s battery charger • Card reader to get your pictures off of your camera.

There is NO Additional charge to take this class

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These are special 50-minute brainstorming sessions with our Creative Gurus for you and your staff to help you get more complete theme development. You will spend the time creating carefully crafted ideas to help carry through the theme of your book. When you are done, you will have your cover theme carried throughout your book on division pages, folios, and quick reads. We have a very limited number of appointments available so you must reserve quickly. You MUST have ideas for your theme, cover and ladder ready. These sessions are very limited. Don't wait to sign up!

There is a $50 per school charge to reserve a session.


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Cost is $75 per person. You will not need to pay until this Fall.


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